1. In Placerville

From the recording 2

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Produced, and written by Cary Park
Guitars,Vocals: Cary Park
Keyboards: Dillion O' Brian
Bass: J.V. Collier
Drums: Dave Raven
Mixing engineers: Dave Way/Peter Chun 
Mastering: Howie Weinberg


In Placerville
In Placerville, on main
The Bell tower sits unchanged
History's clinging to years before and since
In Placerville, a river awaits
Over the hills where gold once laid
You can still hear the wagon wheels in Placerville
Dry Diggins and the foothills of old
Old Hangtown she's still home I wish I could stay
Heaven isn't far away
They celebrate with old time parades of yesterday
 I miss the times when I'd walk the lines of the rail
The trains crossed and weaved along the creeks and mountain trails
I remember the bluebell cafe, or the empire theater erased
Oh, but the memories remain
Or the bus station on Broadway
Where the Army took me away three years and a day
I was so young but the world was calling so loud
I moved on, but I never left my town
Wild blackberries with their prickly vines
Along the roads for our delight in the summertime
And the trails that I used to ride
Where I'd drift amongst the pines
A boy with time
I'd lay in the needles, and stare through the branches and blue skies
And I'd dream the dreams
That only could come from this life