Matt Bissonette (Elton John bassist/producer)


 "I worked with Cary on a recent CD with Yvonne Perrea. We sent him the tracks via email and I was blown away with his guitar tones and the parts he came up with. First things first the tracks came back and loaded in perfectly, which doesn't sound like a big deal but sometimes computers don't play nice, it's always great when you load in the tracks and they line up without any issues! Cary had great parts, no one told him what to do, they were just beautiful parts that laid perfectly around Yvonne's vocals. When it was time to cut loose he did that too. Just a great player and most importantly a good guy!"

Kevin Lato producer

 "I've hired Cary for many projects I have produced. He always provides superior tracks and in a very timely manner. Nothing but the hooks!!! I can rely on Cary to elevate the productions and he is always open to "tweaking" his performances. A definite "go to" guy!!!"




  "First he's a great friend, a stand up guy, a professional to the max and I think of him like a brother."

  "I first worked with Cary in the Studio, we hired him for many many studio sessions starting back in the 90's and he always played the greatest riffs, solo's etc. so creative and spontaneous, I couldn't have been happier. Then later we wrote with him on several songs which was also a pleasure , naturally he brings so much musical talent to the table. Honestly if you hire Cary you can't go wrong."

   "Based on the above I hired Cary as my Musical Director for live performances. Cary Park has traveled with me on the road all over the world.  From cruises of the Caribbean, the Island of Aruba, tours in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and let us not leave out the United States.  His musical talent always elevates the show and the musicians around him, and I just plain have a lot more fun because I love what he plays. So I can't sing enough praises because when Cary is on the show I know I won't have to worry about anything musical."

Gordon Mahlon Singer/songwriter

I am so fortunate to have had Cary Park play guitar on my album. He did an amazing job on so many levels. Cary is a true professional. He is warm‐hearted, easy to work with, and his musicianship is absolutely stellar!


Most notably, Cary approached my songs with the same seriousness as I did writing them. This is evident on the entire album. He clearly invested himself in each song, listening to the lyrics with care and capturing the melodic feel. His tracks are full of licks that match and accentuate the lyrical content. He was able to compose hooks that beautifully impacted the songs, and yet they still felt like the songs I wrote in my room on my acoustic.


Cary did a great job achieving guitar tones that blended nicely with my original guitar track, and his tasty licks cover a wide range... from slide to finger‐picking to harmonics to straight up shredding! And, his work is always reinforcing the structure of the songs, marking and leading into transitions and endings. My album called for a guitar solo on just one song, and Cary absolutely nailed it! It is one of the best solos I’ve heard, and I can’t believe it is on my album! Thank you, Cary Park!




The Music Associates | StarPointe Records | MuzArt World Foundation

For better than 20 years now, I have counted on Cary Park to produce, arrange and record various guitar works on numerous songs.  I’ve lost track how many songs we have worked on together. I only know, there is no other master I want working in these areas of our projects. The guitar works and arrangements are often tasty, non-intrusive and in most cases, memorable and stunning. 

If you are interested in serious music projects that require the guitar works of a musical genius, this is without a doubt, your one, only and last stop.  I am of the opinion that Cary is “one” with his guitars!



 "I laid all my other tracks in a live session and sent those tracks to Cary via email.  He downloaded them, read my brief suggestions and ideas then laid the perfect guitar parts on top. His ideas were not only creative but spot-on and his skillful, passionate playing enlivened my songs. A year later I couldn't be more pleased with his work and my final product!"