Cary Park

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This is my new two song release. The first song "In Placerville" was written about my life growing up there, and then leaving. The second is a traditional song my father used to sing. This is my arrangement and production

If you're a fan of Tom Petty, or Muse, you'll enjoy my two new songs. "In Placerville" is an original I wrote about my life growing up there, then leaving at a young age to join the military. It was mixed by grammy award winning engineer Dave Way (Pink/Michael Jackson/Sheryl Crow) with Peter Chun. On keyboards is Dillion 'O Brian (Bonnie Raitt /Ringo Starr/ Keith Urban). I was envisioning the Beatle's 'Your Mother Should Know" when I explained the B3 sounds and part I was looking for, which he so eloquently nailed. On drums is David Raven (Shelby Lynne) and my old pal from my tenure in Bruce Hornsby's band, J.V. Collier (Bruce Hornsby/Pointer Sisters). I needed low end rumble in addition to traditional four string bass and he's the one guy I knew could deliver what I was hearing. The second song "Working On A Building" is a traditional/public domain classic I often heard my father singing as a kid. It's been covered by many artists, and is often heard in traditional bluegrass. I was hearing it completely different. It's religious themed lyrics I altered a bit to fit more main stream. In addition to vocals and guitars, I'm playing the banjo. This was mixed by Ryan Williams (Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver/30 Seconds to Mars) Both song's we're mastered by Howie Weinberg. (Jeff Lynne/Nirvana,etc.) I put my heart and soul into these two songs. I hope you purchase, spread the word, and enjoy them as much as I did creating and producing them. Thank you, Cary Cary Park (2019)

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