From the recording LONE - Cary Park

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“Until I Awake”

Such a strange fellow
Came to dinner and played his fiddle
And he calmed the storm
He talked of life in pigeon forge
And how the bands didn’t offer more

He coined a phrase and a sobriquet
And as he spoke the people wept

houses wash away
rivers run astray
dogs and lions play
until I awake

I met her on a familiar street
As she arose from a pile of leaves
She spoke in words and a twisted face
As night continued for days and days and days

She stares at me with blooded eyes
tales of how she’s going to die
She stands by a door
As her tears fall to the floor
And her hands begin to explore
until I awake

it’s just another day
I am just a step away
From a fall into a canyon
A car crash at random
A knife into the abdomen
Until I awake

I see a man who bares the name
Who harbors guilt but shoulders the blame
Then he turns to me with a long goodbye
And disappears as I cry

I’m standing on the ocean
Or a train set in motion
Rolling down the line
I’m burning with rage and fire
As again I see the face of a liar

And the plane crashes again
As people laugh within
And the juggler drinks his gin
Until I awake

Such a strange fellow
Came to dinner and played his fiddle
and he calmed the storm