From the recording LONE - Cary Park

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“Only Roses Remain”

(Verse 1)
I’m calling you on the carpet
There’s something I’ve got to say
I hurt you in December
Please don’t take my redemption away
Don’t make fun of my fortune
Heads or tails is all that I ask
Can you just take a moment
With (open) arms that welcome me back
Don’t break my back

(Verse 2)
I’m asking your permission
Can we still be friends
Maybe there’s something bigger
Than the both of us can admit
Tomorrow love will guide us
To where you can escape
I feared independence
Cause I never broke a chain
I broke a chain

I woke up on a street in London
I woke up in Maine
I woke up in Pennsylvania
I woke up on a train
I awoke with a beggars feeling
I awoke with a need to change

I know this circle game
I know the drum will play
I know it’s hard to break
Old feelings that remain
I know the crux of a man
Who sometimes cannot understand
Who cast just a little blame
Who carries a little shame
Only Roses remain
Only Roses remain